It won’t be long and we will be planning for our summer vacations.  We hope Yakima will the final destination for a lot of folks around the country but regardless of where you go or where you’re coming from, chances are your cell phone will play an important part. 

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

(Don’t forget to sign up for Radio Pup so you can take KIT with you)  According to the latest data from, here’s how your travels will be impacted by your cell phone.

  • 29% of travelers have used mobile apps to find flight deals
  • 30% have used mobile apps to find hotel deals
  • 15% have downloaded mobile apps specific to upcoming vacations
  • 85% of leisure travelers use their smartphone while abroad
  • 72% post vacation photos on a social network while still on vacation
  • 46% check in to a location (e.g. Facebook and FourSquare) while on vacation
  • 70% update their Facebook status while on vacation.

And Regarding Social Media

  • 61% of US travelers report using social media while on vacation
  • 85% of travelers use smartphones while on vacation, and 46% use tablets
  • The most popular use of smartphones while traveling is for finding restaurants (36% for smartphones, 21% for tablets) and accessing social media (32% for smartphones, 19% on tablets)
  • In 2012, 57% of business travelers used a mobile device to book travel
  • More than 40% of online traffic related to travel comes from mobile devices
  • 44% of travelers use their phones to research travel while they're actually traveling.

Top five uses of smartphones while traveling:

  • Take photos
  • Use map features
  • Search restaurants
  • Search activities and attractions
  • Check in prior to flight.