So…do we need a 12 step program for some cell phone users?  Perhaps…according to a study out of the U.K.  and the University of Staffordshire.  Study results show people can become as addicted to their cell phones as smoking or gambling.   It wasn’t a huge study but 40% of 106 participating university students said they couldn't handle not having their phones and 90% reported that they took them wherever they went.   It has to be generational since lots of people I know look for reasons to escape their phones.  But there’s more…a staggering 35% said they used the communication devices to get away from everyday problems.  Sounds like the reason why so many use drugs and alcohol doesn’t it?  What about a cut back or cure?  32% had made failed attempts to cut back and 14% were willing to lie about cell usage. Call the show on your cell 872-5481 and we can talk about it!