Weird News

Biggest Moon In 68 Years 10 Days Away
In America, the November full moon is known as a "Beaver Moon," because it arrives at the time of year when fur trappers would pursue the dam-building mammals and this year’s beaver moon is going to be a doozy!.
 Call it a supermoon and it will be the biggest ev…
The Dog Days Of Television Viewing
OK, this is going a little bit overboard.  Strike that. It’s waaaay overboard. A company in England wants to help your dog watch the television channel of your pets choosing.
UK-based pet food maker 'Wagg' has designed what’s being called the world&Close…
A Video Reminder Of How Things Can Go Wrong When You Get Mad
Road rage. We've all been there but how many of us have actually followed through and stopped the vehicle to confront another driver. Have you seen this video? In this case, a teenager was involved in a minor accident on South First Street in 2015 but panicked and fled the scene...

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