Weird News

Portland Attracts All Kinds Including–RATS!
There seems to be a national fascination with our big city neighbor to the south, Portland.  It is an eclectic and interesting place.  My uber liberal daughter Dacotah loves living in Portland and I’m happy for her but it is not my kind of city...
Seattle Becoming A Hangout For Man-Made Mermaids
We have it all here in the Northwest including a solid representation of mythical creatures.  We have Bigfoot, the Westside Conservative and even the lovely Mermaid.   Our show prep service reports that Seattle is fast becoming a popular hangout for live mermaids.
Courts Rule Breast Implants Don’t Impede Police Work
Were you worried about this? A German court has ruled breast implants are no impediment to a woman becoming a police officer.
Whew, glad they got past THAT one.  Fox News is reporting –why?- that the ruling by the administrative court in the western city of Gelsenkirchen came after a 32-year-old woma…

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