Weird News

Courts Rule Breast Implants Don’t Impede Police Work
Were you worried about this? A German court has ruled breast implants are no impediment to a woman becoming a police officer.
Whew, glad they got past THAT one.  Fox News is reporting –why?- that the ruling by the administrative court in the western city of Gelsenkirchen came after a 32-year-old woma…
Biggest Moon In 68 Years 10 Days Away
In America, the November full moon is known as a "Beaver Moon," because it arrives at the time of year when fur trappers would pursue the dam-building mammals and this year’s beaver moon is going to be a doozy!.
 Call it a supermoon and it will be the biggest ev…
The Dog Days Of Television Viewing
OK, this is going a little bit overboard.  Strike that. It’s waaaay overboard. A company in England wants to help your dog watch the television channel of your pets choosing.
UK-based pet food maker 'Wagg' has designed what’s being called the world&Close…

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