Weird News

Woman Breaks Hip in Hospital Lobby, Told to Call 911
If you’re going to fall and hurt yourself, you might think a hospital lobby is a pretty lucky place to do it. After all, the building does house doctors and nurses who can tend to you right away.
That’s what 82-year-old Doreen Wallace thought. But she was wrong.
Florida Woman Hit with Staggering $200,000 Cell Phone Bill
If you think your cell phone bill is high, you haven’t met Celina Aarons.
The Florida woman added a cell phone to her account for her mute and hearing-impaired brother, who didn’t know to turn off his data roaming when he was recently in Canada. Since his only form of communication with the phone is …
Bad Guys Don’t Wear Black..or so “They” Say!
 One of the most ridiculous decisions of all times comes out of the UK and just in time for Halloween!
Scary thinking on display yet again by those who mean well but don't think well! Check it out!
It seems nothing — from the traditional dress of age-old children’s storybook characters to the very she…
Astronomers Discover Planet Made of Diamonds
In the most stunning piece of planetary news since Pluto’s sad demotion, astronomers have found a star-orbiting land mass that is so dense its carbon is crystalline — which means it’s basically a planet made out of diamonds.
Deep-Fried Butter on a Stick a Reality
When it comes to food at the state fair, there’s one abiding rule that all vendors must adhere to: If you fry it, they will come. To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Iowa State Fair’s life size butter cow, Larry Fyfe is offering up a fitting fair treat trea…
Lions & Tigers & Bears Got Nuthin’ on the Bees
Grizzly Bears and Sharks get all the deadly publicity but according to Mens' Health Magazine the top five most lethal creatures, by number of U.S. death from 2002 to 2006 include the lowly bumble bee and man's best friend. Who knew that one half of the birds and the bees could pr…

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