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Top 10 News Talk KIT Stories Of 2011
Plenty of things happened in 2011 from national news stories to weird news stories to stories that have changed the landscape of Yakima for ever. Here are the top 10 stories of 2011 on News Talk KIT.
May Day May Day…Witch on Watch
The Air Force has officially signaled its support of people with alternative religious beliefs. What are the alternative religions? Pagans, Druids, Wiccans, Witches and followers of Native American faiths are now welcome to practice just as mainstream believers can.
Doorway Not Dimentia
Whew,,,for a minute there I thought I was losing my mind…turns out I was just moving room to room!  A fascinating news study out of Notre Dame reveals that passing through doorways can actually cause you to forget things and I don’t just mean the doorway of the neighborhood tavern.
You know the feeli…

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