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The Pope Gives Facebook and Twitter a ‘Like’
No one can accuse Pope Benedict XVI of being old-fashioned, even if his beliefs on doctrine are strictly traditionalist. The Pontiff proved he holds his traditional views in a very modern social landscape by praising the usefulness of social media communication.
6 of the Worst Tech Predictions of All Time
Predictions about technology are notoriously tough to make. Still, the experts and visionaries often get it right — but when they don’t, they get it colossally wrong. Here are some of history’s most famously bungled insights made by tech giants and industry bigw…
Top 10 News Talk KIT Stories Of 2011
Plenty of things happened in 2011 from national news stories to weird news stories to stories that have changed the landscape of Yakima for ever. Here are the top 10 stories of 2011 on News Talk KIT.

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