Ladies More Likely According to Rat Tests! — Dave’s Diary
You don't have to admit that you've tried the new "legal" marijuana but as more people are smoking the stuff, observers notice not everyone reacts to the drug the same way.
Not sure who thought of this but there is new data showing that female rats are more sensitive to po…
Trees Save Lives, Give ‘Em A Hug — Dave’s Diary
Those of us with a more conservative view on the world have been known to refer to the more liberal and environmentally conscious among us as “tree huggers.” A new study would seem to indicate that we ALL need to give a hug of thanks to the next tree we see.
Are We Hardwired To Be Emotionally Up or Down? — Dave’s Diary
I have had a lifelong interest in psychology -- even got a degree in it after the Army as I tried to figure out myself and others around me. Psychologists will most often say we are in control of our attitudes. Self-help experts will say the one thing in that is in our control during life’s ups and …

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