Make Your Prediction for Super Bowl XLIX
The early Las Vegas line had the Seahawks as favorites to win the big game in Arizona on Feb. 1, but the Patriots' total domination of Indianapolis in the AFC championship game now has turned things into a toss-up. What's your prediction?
What Americans Fear Most — Dave’s Diary
We found the list of what Americans fear the most and even though Terror On The Ave isn’t in the Top Five it SHOULD be!  It’s is one scary haunt!  We dare you to check it out tonight or tomorrow from 7 to 11 at the old Schultz Furniture building at 411 West …
Female C.E.O.s Not Favored By Women Workers — Dave’s Diary
I have worked for both male and female bosses in my 40 year broadcasting career.  My current boss is a woman and I have to say she is the all-time best.  Smart, fair, trusting - she sets expectations and then lets us do the work. I know my male KIT Co-workers feel the same way.  How do the women wor…

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