The FISA MEMO Is Out, Which Side Lied?
It appears that the FBI and the Dept of Justice used what they knew to be the phony Trump Dossier produced for political purposes as the rational to get a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant to spy on people with ties to the Trump campaign.
Immigration Organization Not Happy With President’s Plan
FAIR’s concerns include granting amnesty- not to 800-thousand but to 1-point-1-million illegal aliens, no solutions to sanctuary cities, no nationwide implementation of E-Verify, the slow phase out of chain migration allowing all on the current waiting list to get in and the fact that legaliz…
Newhouse Fears DACA Setback From Shutdown
Rep. Dan Newhouse said, “I believe that our borders must be secured, and our laws must be upheld, but we must also understand that these young people grew up in America and know no other life.

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