Elections 2016

Game On! First Debate Is Tonight – What To Expect?
Tonight’s the night.  The first presidential debate is set for 6pm pacific.  It's the first of three debates tonight between HILLARY CLINTON and DONALD TRUMP. It takes place at Hostra University, in Hempstead, Long Island, and will be moderated by NBC's LESTER HOL…
When The Dust Settles, What’s Left Of The Right/GOP?
We are heading into the home stretch of the 2016 presidential campaign and win or lose, Republicans will have some soul searching to do when it’s all over.  What happened to mainstream Jeb Bush, how far “outside” was Sen. Ted Cruise, why did Gov...
Is The Trumps’ 25-Year-Old Divorce Newsworthy Today?
Is there no expectation or hope for privacy? DONALD TRUMP and his ex-wife, IVANA, are trying to keep records of their 1990 divorce from being unsealed by the NY Times and Gannett newspapers.
Is that reasonable? Does the public have a right to know the details of a quarter century old separation...
The Latest Numbers for State Elections
U.S. House District 1 NW, Snohomish
135 of 214 precincts - 63 percent
x-Suzan DelBene, Dem (i) 40,697 - 54 percent
x-Robert Sutherland, GOP 23,401 - 31 percent
John Orlinski, Dem 7,248 - 10 percent
Scott Stafne, Lib 2,102 - 3 percent
Alex Storms, IP 1,974 - 3 percent
2 to be nominated...
Here is a List of Uncontested Races in Washington.
Here is a list of uncontested races in Washington.
Attorney General
Bob Ferguson (i), Dem
Joshua Trumbull, Lib
State Senate - District 3
Andy Billig (i), Dem
James Apker, Lib
State Senate - District 4
Mike Padden (i), GOP
State Senate - District 5
Chad Magendanz, GOP
Mark Mullet (i), Dem
State Senate - District…

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