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Re-Thinking Timing of Content to Streaming Services
LOS ANGELES (AP) — Some content providers are thinking about slowing the stream of content to sites like Netflix and Hulu. The head of Time Warner told analysts yesterday there may be plans to hold back shows from video sites. Instead of letting them head to streaming sites a year after they first a…
Box Office Top 20
The top 20 movies at U.S. and Canadian theaters Friday through Sunday, followed by distribution studio, gross, number of theater locations, average receipts per location, total gross and number of weeks in release, as compiled Monday by Rentrak:
YouTube to Launch $10-a-month Ad-free Video, Music Plan Red
LOS ANGELES (AP) — YouTube is launching a subscription plan in the U.S. called Red that will combine ad-free videos across its service with on-demand unlimited streaming music for $10 a month.
The plan is targeted at people who frequently click to skip ads and yet wouldn't mind giving fina…
New Netflix Movie Streams and Hits Theater
LOS ANGELES (AP) — So, will the idea of releasing a movie both in theaters and online fly? Hard to say — at least from what we've seen from an attempt to do that by Netflix. The streaming service rolled out its first feature film, "Beasts of No Nation" this past Fr…
The Top 10 Movies on the iTunes Store
The Associated Press
iTunes Movies U.S. charts for week ending October 18, 2015:
iTunes Movies US Charts
1. Inside Out (2015)
2. San Andreas
3. Tomorrowland
4. Spy
5. Avengers: Age of Ultron
6. Jurassic World
7. Big Eyes

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