He’s #2, He’s #2 – Show The Bunny Some Love!
There is something so cool about the Easter Bunny.  He can work any kind of fashion or no clothes at all. He brings sweet treats and all you have to do is find them.  Let's face it, the Bunny is awesome.  Until. Until you bring Santa into the equation...
Valentine’s Cards – The Fun And The Fever!
SO who gets more Valentine’s cards, men or women? Tough to say but American Greetings knows who buys the most and it’s not even close!
A survey by card maker American Greetings finds 85 percent of the Valentine's Day cards purchased every year are purchased by wom…
Happy High Priced Valentine’s Day!
Happy Valentine's Day!  A day set aside for love-and money!
The National Retail Federation says America's sweethearts will spend about 136 dollars today buying flowers, jewelry, candy, clothing and more. Add it up and the high cost of love is about  $18...

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