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Beer In Moderation Protects The Heart
The weekend is here and for a lot of guys that means it’s time to crack a cold beer and relax.  If the Swedes are right, the ladies should join in and drink a toast to good health!
Embrace the Fidget – You’ll Live Longer If You Do!
The definition of “fidget” is to make small movements, especially of the hands and feet, through nervousness impatience.  Synonyms listed include move restlessly, wriggle, squirm, twitch, jiggle, shuffle, and to be agitated.   Nowhere does it include the id…
To Push Kids Into Exercise – Don’t Push
Does your child or grandchild get enough exercise?  My six year old daughter Katelyn the “Gator” has discovered Minecraft and it is becoming Mind-Control Craft!  She loves it and I worry that she won’t be reading or playing or using her own great imagination as much as she used to so I’m developing…
Why Are They Happier In Utah?
What determines your happiness?    What are the factors that define happiness?   There are many and the  personal finance website Wallethub  thinks it knows enough of them to draw some conclusions.  They examined two dozen factors in an attempt to determine wh…
Chocolate As Universal Medicine
The standard movie & TV line for medication has been “take two and call me in the morning”.  That bit of advice could become all the more encouraging if it’s a chocolate pill that we’re talking about!

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