Is The Trumps’ 25-Year-Old Divorce Newsworthy Today?
Is there no expectation or hope for privacy? DONALD TRUMP and his ex-wife, IVANA, are trying to keep records of their 1990 divorce from being unsealed by the NY Times and Gannett newspapers.
Is that reasonable? Does the public have a right to know the details of a quarter century old separation...
Yakima Remembers a Day Few Will Ever Forget
Today marks the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks and many in the Yakima Valley remember the day -- including many firefighters like Yakima Fire Department Capt. Jeff Pfaff.
He says it's a day he'll never forget. Pfaff says immediately after the attacks, local firefighters took action to…
Kids Need 3 Hours Of Exercise Every Day
The weekend is here, so will your kids curl up with technology or will they run, jump and play in the fresh air?  Look to Scandinavia for a fit and trim answer.
Children should spend at least three hours of exercise each day, according to a recommendation from the government of Finland...
Better Relationships By Day Mean Better Sleep At Night
Tonight, when you kiss your sweetie goodnight and snuggle in for a good night’s sleep, know in your heart of hearts that your sleep will be better IF you have a better relationship.
A new study analyzing data from 350 American couples show maintaining a good relationship with your sig…
Yakima County Republican Party To Host G.O.P. (Grand Old Picnic)
The Yakima County Republicans will host a Grand Old Picnic on Wednesday, August 10th,  from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm at Spring Creek Homestead, 3213 South Tacoma Street, Union Gap.
GOP candidates as well as nonpartisan judicial candidates who emerge from the Primary and move on to the General Election will…

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