It’s the Latest Thing In An Engagement Ring
With the major holidays coming, expect any number of engagement  announcements to follow.  So the question is - Are diamonds still a girl’s best friend?
Maybe not anymore! Many of today’s trendy brides are asking for moissanite for their engagement rings...
Happily Ever After? Tell Your Therapist!
Once a year many organization conduct employee performance reviews. The idea is to help improve performance by comparing the corporate goals to the employee’s sense of progress with management’s assessment of the employee’s progress. It is meant to ben…
To Push Kids Into Exercise – Don’t Push
Does your child or grandchild get enough exercise?  My six year old daughter Katelyn the “Gator” has discovered Minecraft and it is becoming Mind-Control Craft!  She loves it and I worry that she won’t be reading or playing or using her own great imagination as much as she used to so I’m developing…
Teen Drinking Down — Teen Marijuana Use Up
With school back in session a lot of parents fear the impact of peer pressure on their kids choices regarding drugs and alcohol.  While each kid and circumstance is unique, a  new U.S. government report says the percentage of teens who are using drugs, alcohol and cigarettes is falling.
Art In The Orchards To Support Children’s Village
KIT radio, me and so many of you have been long time supporters of Children’s Village.  They do amazing work for kids and families with special medical needs.  A tremendous amount of creativity has gone into building and sustaining the village and it continues this Saturday…
Who Is Happier? Red Couples Or Blue Couples?
Think about your friends and the married couples you know and ask yourself – Who is happier, the Republicans or the Democrats?  A new study reported on by the Heritage Foundation’s Daily Signal has the answer.

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