CDC Says Let The Students Sleep In
It won’t be long before it will be time to start transitioning the kids sleep schedule to get them ready for back to school. Kids, sleep and school can be the trifecta of frustration for a lot of parents.  I myself was not an easy riser.
Low Risk / High Reward – Stress Chemicals Trigger Cheating In School
What do you tell your kids or grandkids about cheating?  Cheaters never prosper?  Maybe, but it seems they get get stress relief!
Ethical and trustworthy—two traits most of us demand in our presidential candidates—two traits often in short supply.  My question to you is this—Could it be a hormonal th…
Get Serious Sooner, Baby Talk Doesn’t Cut It Anymore
Moms and dads, grandma and grandpa listen up.   How you talk to that baby can make a huge difference in the kind of person they become.
I went to a meeting at the Yakima School District last night for parents of kids in the Highly Capable program.  I’m so happy to say that the “gator”, Katelyn is off…

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