The Christmas Spirit Is A Neural Network
It's been tough for me to get into the Christmas Spirit this year.  I'm not sure why but it got me to thinking about just what is the spirit and where does it come from?
A touching card, a familiar song, stockings hung by the fireplace with care - science says all Christmas spirit star…
Christmas Creeper Movie Could Curdle Your Blood!
Have you seen the movie trailer for Krampus? It looks pretty scary and that is NOT exactly the way to create those charming memories of Christmas. I’ve always heard that fear could “curdle your blood”. Guess what? It’s true!
Watching a horro…
Prosocial Behavior Helps Reduce Holiday Stress
Ever heard this – It’s better to give than receive? It’s more than just grandma’s excellent advice. Published last week in Clinical Psychological Science, researchers uncovered that performing small acts of kindness for others can give us an impr…
Holiday Humor – Take Time To Laugh
Peace on earth, good will toward men goes great with a belly laugh or two. This Holiday season take time out for a chuckle, compliments of regular guest contributor Tim Bryce!
by Tim Bryce
It occurred to me recently I haven't seen too many people laughing...
Why We Listen To Sad Songs At Christmas
On Wednesday we spoke with a psychiatrist about Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) which is a lack of light triggered chemical imbalance with the symptoms of depression. Once you are in a gloomy mood maybe you noticed that some Christmas songs come off as haunting and just plain sad...

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