Help For The Hopeless – Christmas Tree Creativity
A lot of folks use the weekend after Thanksgiving to set up the family Christmas tree but if you aren’t one of the creative do-it-yourself types, help is available – for a price.
Christmas tree decorators do exist and for the not so modest price of about $548, one can enlist the…
Factoring The Full price of Holiday Pets
Thinking about giving a pet for Christmas?  Don’t forget to factor in the potential high cost of “pet maintenance.”  Time magazine polled readers and found that 50 percent said they spend less than $50 a month on their pets, but 22 percent admitt…
Could These Be The Ten Worst Toys For Christmas?
Time to start talking about the toys your kids want but that society and safety says you shouldn’t buy.
Some recommendations make pretty clear sense-like not buying  the  Warcraft Doomhammer for your six-year-old. But there are some other dicey gift choices in this year&Clos…
Too Soon? Nieman-Marcus Christma$ Catalog
Ho Ho Ho-ly cow! Is anybody thinking about Christmas yet?  I thought the early present we all got was the end of the political season!  Regardless, the Nieman-Marcus Christmas catalog is out with all sorts of expensive things we can't afford...
Recycle Your Christmas Tree With Camp Prime Time
So if you got a natural tree this year, you can donate it to Camp Prime Time. They have two Yakima drop-off locations where they turn trees into chip and give it farms.
Hours are 8 a.m.-5 p.m. through Jan. 5.
You can take your trees here:
Washington Tractor
3110 Fruitvale Blvd...

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