Gluten Eats Into Cereal Sales –Dave’s Diary
It’s the most important meal of the day but it’s changing.  I grew up on Raisin Bran and bacon and eggs but chances are good that your kids are eating something else.
A recent study finds that Americans are buying less cereal and more breakfast bars...
Cherry Crops Damaged by Rain
Recent showers have been bad news for some cherry growers in Central Washington.
Growers try to prevent wet cherries from splitting due to wet weather by drying them with wind turbines, air sprayers and hiring helicopters to fly over their orchards...
Yakima Farmer’s Market Survives Rain
With the unusual weather starting the summer, vendors at the Yakima Farmer's Market were caught off guard on Sunday. But the unseasonal rain has not stopped people from making their way to Yakima Avenue and Third Street to buy some of the freshest food around...

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