For many college graduates the four years of fun and information at the U of X creates great memories and an even great debt.  In recent years, lower starting wages for grads have been a have been a poor graduation present to those bent on getting ahead.

Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Now a new survey of hiring managers reveals starting salaries are on the rises and while 26 percent say they plan to offer salaries under $30,000, another 26 percent said they plan to offer at least $50,000.

Still, these are just averages, and experts note that most grads shouldn't expect to earn that. Other surveys of employers reveal there's also a ton of variation in average starting salary by discipline and major, with the average class of 2014 graduate salary landing at $48,127.

A January survey of employer members of the National Association of Colleges and Employers puts the average salary of a 2015 college grad at $68, 998,  which is more than enough to send me scampering back for four more years at the old alma mater!!   (NBC)