Yakima Police Capt. Rod Light remains on administrative leave as the Kennewick Police Department investigates allegations of domestic abuse involving his estranged wife.

Last Thursday, a person outside of the department filed a complaint against Capt. Light. The complaint included recent divorce papers filed by Darla Light. In the divorce papers, Darla Light says when she found out that her husband had been carrying on multiple affairs, he threatened her life. As a result of the complaint Light was placed on paid administrative leave on Monday after returning from vacation.

Darla Light claims that when she confronted Capt. Light in March about the continuing affairs, she was abused by Light who is a 28-year veteran of the department. He's in charge of the special operations division and is a spokesperson for the police department.

Yakima Police Chief Dominc Rizzi says, “In this case it’s a divorce proceeding. And in many divorce proceedings you’re going to get allegations that are made. Some true, some that are not. And without an investigation we’re not going to know what is and isn’t.”

Kennewick police are just beginning the investigation that's expected to last at least 2 weeks.