OK, file this under “Saw this one coming”.  Premise - you aren’t passing your college classes so you drop out. You could make a case for that individual “Not Being Too Smart.”  Stay with me.  You don't tell your parents you dropped out--thus reinforcing the case for being "not too smart"! 

Later at graduation, you freak out because you don’t want your family to know…and so you decide once again to apply that “Not Too Smart” capability, this time in search of a solution.  Do that and  you just might end up with this:

Police say that a 22-year-old dropout from Quinnipiac University in Connecticut has been arrested after admitting to calling in two bomb threats during graduation a day earlier to keep her family from learning she'd left the school. Aha!

Danielle Shea called in two bomb threats after arriving at the graduation ceremony in a cap and gown with her mother, who didn't know she'd dropped out, and then panicking when relatives noticed that her name wasn't on the list of graduates. Instead of the graduation ceremony being canceled, as Shea had hoped, it was instead delayed 90 minutes and moved to a different campus a mile away.

Shea didn’t graduate but she could still be voted class president of her cell block.  Kidding.