Yakima Police have a man in custody in connection with the murder of David Childs of Yakima.  Yesterday 34 year old Armando Vieyra was arrested and a vehicle police were looking for were found in the Lower Valley off of Lateral 1 road.  He faces a charge of first degree murder. Yakima Police say a witness taking a picture led to the arrest. The witness was coming out of a nearby restaurant when he noticed a commotion in the parking lot.  He not only took a picture of the men, but also he took a picture of a nearby car, which happened to be Vieyra's car. The day after the murder the witness came forward and gave the picture to Yakima Police.  Vieyra admitted that he met Childs at a nearby arcade Monday night.  He also admitted that the two had engaged in sexual activity, but he denied killing Childs.   The 70 year old  Childs was found dead in a parking lot on North Front Street last Tuesday morning.  He suffered from head trauma and several puncture wounds. Childs, a former shoe salesman at Nortdstrom, was well known for his shoe collection, which was on display at the Yakima Museum two years ago.  His friends and family will gather for a candlelight vigil tonight at 9:30 at the spot where his body was found.