Memorial Day weekend has become synonymous with the beginning of summer by celebrating with barbecues, outdoor cooking and camping. The Office of the State Fire Marshal would like to remind everyone to be careful with any activity that could trigger a wildfire. “It doesn’t take much for a small fire to turn into a large blaze,” says State Fire Marshal Charles M. Duffy, “Knowing a few fire safety tips will help everyone have a fire safe holiday weekend.”

Campfire Safety

· It is important to follow the campground rules for the use and extinguishment of campfires.

· Build campfires where they will not spread. A 5 to 10 foot circle around the fire should be cleared of all flammable materials and your tent should be at least 15 feet away.

· Keep campfires to a reasonable and manageable size, no larger than 3 feet x 3 feet - do not let them get out of hand.

· Thoroughly drown the fire, stir it and douse it again with water - do not leave a fire until it is OUT COLD.