A surprise $1,200 donation from a Los Angeles strip club has helped keep a struggling Little League afloat for another year.

In a economically depressed area of Los Angeles. The Lennox Little League features about 40 teams, with more than 300 players.

"The money from Jet Strip Gentleman's Club was needed to help combat several new regulations and fees imposed by the K-8 Lennox School District"  said League president Roberto Aguirre the Daily Breeze reported.

The school district owns the baseball diamonds in the community.

"It feels good to be from Lennox when people do stuff like that," Aguirre said of the donation. "At the same time, the future is very scary for us, because [the donation] is a one-time deal."

The league and the school district have been trying to work through the issues, but a dispute delayed the start of the season by three weeks.

The season usually opens in February with a ceremony that has live music and hot food, but this year it opened on Saturday with a few balloons tied to a fence.

"We're all bummed and sad," Aguirre said. "It's even kind of embarrassing."

The uniforms of the players will not bear any logos of the strip club.

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