Summer is here, and that means lots of backyard barbecues and burgers on the grill. How do you assemble your burger?

I've determined that building your own homemade hamburger requires a certain method of construction. I do it a certain way, and have found that most people have their own way of stacking up that juicy, delicious combination of meat, bun,condiments and toppings. It can be a borderline superstition for some, or a version of obsessive compulsive disorder for others.

Here's how I stack up my own burger;

Take the bottom bun half and give it a smear of mayonnaise. Then, on goes the burger patty, the cheese, a dollop of yellow mustard, slice of onion, pickles, lettuce, and tomato. Give the top bun half a smear of mayo and assemble.  If you have bacon, it goes directly on the patty before the rest of the toppings. It's a meat-to-meat thing.

This is how I put together my burger every time. But it's interesting that other people I talk to have their own procedures that they follow every time as well.

The biggest reason I get from them is "It doesn't taste right if I don't do it that way."

I would agree.

How do you put your burger together?