When you grow up in a community, or have lived and worked in a community for a long time, there are lots of great memories about things in the past. People from Yakima are no different. I belong to a Facebook group called "You Know You're From Yakima When....". It currently has nearly 4,000 members, people who live in Yakima now, and people who no longer live here but like to reminisce and keep tabs on their home town. What I like most about it is the positive attitude and the genuine affection that most posters have for Yakima.

It's fun to read and post about shared experiences and longtime community institutions. A lot of people talk about their schools, teachers, first jobs, favorite stores, restaurants and so on.

Comedian Jeff Foxworthy has a bit "You Know You're A Redneck When....". Here's a list from the Facebook group "You Know You're From Yakima When...":

10 ways to know your from Yakima, WA.

1. You attended, or knew someone who went to Nob Hill University.
2. You dragged Yakima Avenue from the Freezer to the Mall and back every weekend.
3. You tried to sneak onto the grounds at Congdon's Castle without getting caught.
4. You know what a Pickle Fizz is but have never had one.
5. Remember Harvey Moon.
6. Visited "Uncle Jimmy" on your birthday.
7. Remember when the only 24hr restaurant in town was the Doughnut Shop.
8. Threw Frisbee at Randall Park.
9. Your family would get a bag of burgers and bag of fries for dinner from Kempers
10. Being 21 (or sometimes almost 21) and partying at the Sportspage , Jade Room, The Playpen, or getting     "lotus-ized" at The Lotus Room at the Golden Wheel.

(Thanks to the that Facebook page's administrator, Jack Leeper)

Do you have some things you would add to this list?

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