There are several attitudes that identify us as being true Yakimanians. Here's just a sample.


I ran across a blog about Seattle where common characteristics of Seattle-ites were exposed. Most had to do with coffee, bad traffic, rain and the lack of sunshine. I decided to come up with a list for Yakima.

You are quick to apologize for the "Palm Springs of Washington" sign.

"Oh, that's just something a local businessman put up. We all know it's not really true."



You wonder every Sunday how many people you know you will run into at the Farmer's Market.

This also works for visits to Costco.



You term the very rare occurrence of having to sit through a stoplight twice as a "major traffic jam."

I tried to find a picture of a Yakima traffic snarl up, but couldn't.



When a serious crime occurs, we act like Yakima is the only place in the world where something like that happens.

Not to diminish it, but crime does happen in other places. As long as there are humans, there will be crime. Get over it people. Mayberry doesn't exist, and it was a made up place to begin with.



When the latest public art project is installed downtown, the first thing you think of is "Wonder what it's gonna look like covered in graffitti?"

Or, "Why didn't they take a public vote on that thing?"



You know that this statue is of some "Colonel Something Or Other", but you don't know who it is, or why we have one.

Also, you know that it's old and falling apart, but by gum, we better not spend any public money to save it.



You still don't get the Millennium Plaza.

But don't forget we lost four parking spaces when they put that thing in.


These are just a few I came up with. Can you think of any?

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