Today, we look at one of the things we say or do here in Yakima that probably don't exist anywhere else. Or, maybe it just seems that way.


It occurs to me that every community has little patterns of behavior that are peculiar to that community. I think I've come across some that while maybe not exclusive to Yakima, it sure seems that way. I call them "Yakimisms".

Today's Yakimism is our propensity for putting an apostrophe S on everything, making it possessive.

For example all of the following businesses have a singular name.

Red Robin, Nordstrom, IGA, Safeway, Burger King, Subway, New York Teriyaki.

However, if you live in Yakima, you are more likely to say these names this way:

Red Robin's, Nordstrom's, IGA's, Safeway's, Burger King's, Subway's, New York Teriyaki's.

I have no idea where this speech pattern comes from, and I haven't really heard it in many other places.

If you can think of other Yakimisms, email me at, and we'll use them in future web posts.

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