One Halloween, my wife and I dressed up as a couple from a very popular TV show. I consider it my best costume ever, but very few photos exist. On purpose.

Throughout the years, I've dressed up as the Grim Reaper, a renaisance king, Igor from the Frankenstein movies and various other things. Nothing too elaborate, just fun.

I will admit that I did dress up in drag one year. My wife and I went as Drew Carey and Mimi Bobek from "The Drew Carey Show". I ordered a mu mu dress from a big lady's catalog, found the biggest flats I could find at Payless Shoes, and a blonde wig at a crafts store. I had the girl that cut my hair at the time to make me up in garish make up, complete with false eyelashes. (Note to ladies that wear false lashes: I don't know how you do it. Those things are actually heavy and your eyelids get tired.)

My wife's costume was easy. She wore a Cleveland Browns cap and jersey, knocked the lenses out of a cheap pair of black rimmed sunglasses, and she was set.

As I said earlier, very few, if any, photos exist of me in that outfit. Trust me, I don't make a very pretty female. Except there was a distinct resemblance to one of my adult nieces, who actually is very attractive!

What was your best ever Halloween costume?

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