Today is the day we salute the United States Air Force. I personally have three reasons for doing so.

American military aviation is nearly 100 years old, and today the United States Air Force stands second to none in the world. Here's thanks to the men and women that serve in the Air Force.

I'd like to single out three people especially.

My nephew Major Conor Teegarden.  Conor  has served as a weapons system officer on an F-15E Strike Eagle fighter. He has flown combat missions over Afghanistan.


My nephew Captain Ian Teegarden.  Ian is currently a Special Ops Pilot. I'm not allowed to tell you where he's been deployed. He'd have to hurt me if I did.


Chief Master Sergeant (retired) Bill Teegarden, my big brother and Conor and Ian's dad. He served 30 years in the Air Force from 1972 to 2012. He and his family have made countless personal sacrifices in service to our country.

If you have friends or family that have served or are serving in the Air Force, give them a good thought today.