As a lifelong fair goer, I'm amazed on how it manages to change with the times, but retains a timeless appeal.

I've been attending the Central Washington State Fair almost as long as I can remember. Many aspects of the fair have stayed the same over the years. These include the animals in the barns, the Grange and FFA displays in the Agriculture Building, and the collection of antique gas powered engines that huff and puff through the week.

Pitch man still hawk everything from kid's toys to car wax to the latest kitchen gadgets, they just do it in the Sundome instead of the old Commercial Building. Carnival rides are still a major draw. Old favorites like the Scrambler and Tilt-A-Whirl are still there, but changes in hydraulics and power now let riders get shaken and twisted in all sorts of nail biting ways.

When it comes to food, you still smell the aroma of fried onions in the air to go with burgers and dogs, and the corn dog is still king. Now, ethnic foods from all over the world like gyros, terriyaki, fajitas are fair staples.

I do miss one fair food offering you don't see anymore. It was the Crab Roll from Tina Cavallini's concession that came to the fair in the early 80's. I believe Tina was a member of the Cavallini family of Cle Elum restaurant fame. The Crab Roll was an Italian roll stuffed to bursting with a delicious crab salad, sort of like a New England lobster roll.  Delicious!

What are some of the evergreen attractions you enjoy at the fair and what are some of the new things you like now?