Today's the day we celebrate our canine best friends. Have you had some great dogs in your life?


As we fete our pooches today, I've been thinking about the dogs that have been a big part of my life. Growing up, the two that I miss the most are an Australian Shepard named Bonnie, and an Airedale Terrier named Bridget. In fact, because of Bridget, I've owned two Airedale Terriers as an adult.

Austin was a pedigreed Airedale that came from championship lines. We adopted him at eight weeks of age. He was big,  strong, sweet and smart. He lived for about 12 years as a member of our family, until he was taken by sudden illness.


Gypsy came into our lives from a "free to good home" ad on craigslist. She was about ten months old, and full of life. Unfortunately, she swallowed a rock, and died from complications from surgery to remove the rock at the age of two.

Now we have Jazzy and her sister Autie (not pictured), two little Chihuahau  mix rescue puppies from Wags To Riches Animal Rescue. They are two little characters!

Tell us about some of the dogs that have helped shape you life!

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