"Duck Dynasty" is the hottest show on cable TV right now, and I actually have a connection to the show. Well, kinda.

Now in it's third season, A&E networks "Duck Dynasty" is the highest rated show on cable right now. Its 2013 season premiere drew in over six million  viewers a couple of weeks ago. People all over the country have fallen in love with Louisiana's Robertson family. The Robertsons are a family that hold American values dear. Faith, family, food, and a love of the outdoors.

Now, you ask, what is my connection to this show? It's a stretch, admittedly.

The Robertson's live in West Monroe, Louisiana. My mother was born and raised in Rayville, 29 miles east of West Monroe.

Phil Robertson played college football at Louisiana Tech. My mother graduated from Tech with a degree in phys ed.

OK, it's stretch. Especially since my mom would have been growing up in northern Louisiana about 30 years before Phil Robertson was born.

What the heck, "Duck Dynasty" is one of my favorite shows. I just wanted to feel like I was connected to it, even if it's only a tiny bit!

In this video, Phil Robertson talks about his football playing days.

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