A heritage Yakima business quietly passed a milestone last week with little fanfare, continuing to do what they have done for the last 65 years: Putting out fantastic food.

A friend of mine pointed out that Miner's Drive-In Restaurant in Yakima had celebrated 65 years in business on April 9. That's a milestone that any business, much less a burger joint, would envy. But, as any Miner's devotee knows, it is so much more than a burger joint.

Miner's in 1948/Facebook

Miner's philosophy has always been the best quality food, cooked to order. You do have to wait longer than perhaps one of the national fast food chains, but it is well worth it. Founder Ed Miner wanted his burgers to be a "meal on a bun." Big, hot, and delicious with great beef and fresh toppings.

It's hard to find a high school athlete in central Washington who hasn't eaten at Miner's. On just about any night of the week during the school year, you can see any number of school buses parked at Miner's, ready to explode with hungry sports teams. I remember that back in high school after a game, I could eat at Miner's for $1.78. Cheeseburger, fries and a Pepsi. The prices have gone up in the last 40 years, but the size and quality of the portions have not.

Miner's Today/Facebook

I have eaten Miner's burgers as long as I can remember. Where did my wife want to go for her Mother's Day lunch last year? Miner's. My career Air Force brother who rarely comes to Yakima always makes Miner's a priority for one of his visits. He also has been trying for years to figure out how to have a Big Miner shipped across country.  He hasn't done it yet.

And to show you how much Miner's food is ingrained in the culture of our area, here's a personal story.

I have a dear friend and schoolmate that I have known for over 50 years. Last week he went into home hospice care. Another friend and I usually have lunch with him over Christmas break to tell stories, lies and laugh a lot. Due to his health, we missed it last year. So we decided to have lunch with him at his home in West Wapato over the weekend. I got a phone call from the other friend who said "Here's what he wants for lunch. Can you pick it up on the way out?"

What do you think he ordered?

A double Miner's cheeseburger and tater tots.

Congratulations to the Miner family for 65 years of great food and memories. You've done more than just fill stomachs. You have become a part of our lives.

Visit Miner's Facebook page here.