I rarely try to see a blockbuster movie on it's opening weekend, but the latest James Bond 007 movie "Skyfall" has me willing to stand in line.

I am a total devotee of the James Bond 007 movies. Sean Connery is still my favorite Bond, but Daniel Craig, appearing as 007 for the third time in "Skyfall", has really grabbed my attention. Maybe he was not so good in a recent Saturday Night Live hosting gig, but on the big screen his Bond is fantastic. Where Connery's 007 was smooth sophistication that could explode into violence when necessary. Craig's Bond seems to be the opposite, with tremendous violence and strength at the core, covered up by a thin veneer of sophistication.

I also like the way that Judi Dench has continued in the role of M, providing needed continuity. "Skyfall" promises to go into more of M's background, which I am looking forward to.

Now if I can just convince my wife to hit that late Friday night showing. I'm ready!

Check out the trailer!

Visit the Official Skyfall Website here.