A 26-year-old Seattle man worked for two years to have 80's rocker Billy Idol play at his 26th birthday party, and it's going to happen this week. If you could, who would you have play at your birthday party?

Michael Henrichsen worked for over two years to have Billy Idol come to Seattle to play a charity concert on his 26th birthday. It will become a reality this week. Henrichsen's story is full of twists, turns and perseverance.  You can read Gene Johnson's story from the Seattle Times here.

It got me to thinking. Who would I want to play at my next milestone birthday party, and to what lengths would I go to make that happen? You have to remember, that a lot of the artists that I hold in reverence are gone or no longer performing. But there are still a few out there. So here's my Top Five:

  • Paul McCartney
  • R.E.M.
  • Creedence Clearwater Revisited
  • Paul Simon
  • Led Zeppelin (If you're going to dream, dream big!)

There have to be acts that you would love to have play for your birthday. The questions are who would it be, to what lengths would you go to make it happen, and what charity would you pick to benefit from the show?

Please leave us a comment to tell us what you would do!

Here's a video of Michael Henrichsen explaining how this all came together for him.

Here's a little Billy Idol so you can get into Michael Henrichsen's groove!