One of my co workers was asking his listeners about which cliche that their dad used on them that they use as parents. It's something we all swear won't happen before we're parents, but happens a lot when we become parents. 

I love the phrase  "I can't believe my dad's voice came out of my mouth".  It means that the things that we hated when our parents said them to us as children, we as parents are now saying to our children.  I remember thinking more than once  "I'll never say that to my kids."

Only it doesn't work out that way.

My dad was somewhat of a yeller, and I have tried not to repeat that.  Not so easy.

Here are some of the things my dad said that I've caught myself saying:

" If you kids don't quit fighting, I'm pulling this car over and you guys are walking home."

"I've never heard anything so dumb in my entire life."

"If you don't like it, I'll help you pack."

"No chores, no fun."

"There is no way you're going to lie around on your behind and watch TV all day."

And the ever popular, universal "I'll give you something to cry about."

But my dad did have one phrase that I do use and want to get my kids to take to heart.

"Think before you speak, think before you do."

That one is a keeper.

What things did your dad say that you find coming out of your mouth?


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