As any community evolves, some of its beloved institutions go by the wayside. Here's a look at five things that Yakima said goodbye to.


I ran across a blog about 25 Seattle institutions that don't exist anymore, like the Sonics, the bright red big "R" Rainier brewery sign, the Seattle Center Fun Forest and more. Here are five things on a purely subjective list that Yakima may miss.

The Yakima Sun Kings

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For nearly 20 years, the Yakima Sun Kings with various owners and managers brought professional basketball to Yakima. You got to see former NBA stars just looking for a place to play, and future NBA stars get their first shot. It also became a winter time social event for Yakima sports fans.


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Ah, Poochies. Home of the Hun On A Bun, Poocheesi and Poochski. It was a hot dog lover's paradise for years. Awesome potato salad and chili as well.

Drive In Movies

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At one time, Yakima boasted the Country, the Tower, the Cascade and the Fruitvale Drive Ins, as well as the Top Hi in nearby Toppenish.  I remember my family bundling us up and popping grocery bags of popcorn and heading to the drive in to see a western. Later, my buddies and I would practically live at the old Cascade Drive In. In the summer, you could watch movies from dusk until dawn.


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For decades, cruising Yakima Avenue was a Friday and Saturday night right of passage for Yakima Valley youth. It was the place young people could show off their cars, and boys could chase girls and vice versa. Unfortunately, due to safety issues, cruising The Ave in Yakima was prohibited in the 1990's.

The Yakima Mall


In 1971, the Yakima Mall offered a new shopping concept. Covered parking, no feeding a streetside parking meter, major and specialty retailers all under one roof. The mall closed in 2003 for a variety of reasons, and despite some development, remains mostly empty.

What are some of the things that you miss that are no longer in Yakima?

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