Paul McCartney turned 70 on Monday and, rightly so, international media reported on it extensively. An American pop music genius turned 70 today, and not many seem to notice.

The founding member of the Beach Boys, Brian Wilson turns 70 today. How fitting that this milestone birthday fell on the first day of summer.

The importance of Wilson’s contributions to popular music can’t be overstated. His complex arrangements of The Beach Boys’ layered harmonies and the music he composed has inspired and influenced decades’ worth of artists, including The Beatles.

Although Wilson’s career was curtailed for many years by his struggles with mental illness and substance abuse, he recently has experienced a creative resurgence that has included a number of critically acclaimed solo albums and tours. This year, he rejoined his fellow surviving Beach Boys members to celebrate the band’s 50th anniversary with a major world tour and a brand-new studio album titled That’s Why God Made the Radio.

To celebrate Brian Wilson's birthday, here's a classic Beach Boy's video. Ironically, Brian Wilson does not appear in this video of one of his greatest compositions, as he was not performing at that time. Paul McCartney has called "God Only Knows" the perfect song."