Valentine's Day is coming up on Thursday. I have nothing in place. I'm toast.

I used to joke on the air that I liked to stop by the greeting card store on Valentine's Day just a few minutes before closing to see  nine guys standing around the Valentine section, fighting over the last available card. You know, those inconsiderate guys that are either dense or too busy to take care of a simple little gesture. Heaven help me, I'm becoming one of those guys. It's not that I forget to purchase a card. I bought cards for my wife and children last year and forgot to give them out.

I have the most understanding wife in the world. We find it easy to forget about each other a little bit, since we do have five children. But, I don't see that as an excuse. It's up to me to do something within the next couple of days to make sure this year's Valentine's Day doesn't go by the wayside.

I'm setting the calendar in my phone right now. I will NOT be one of those nine guys at the card store at three minutes to closing on Thursday night.

Wish me luck. has some great ides for Valentine's Day Gifts.