We are lucky that we don't have really severe weather conditions here in the Yakima Valley. But if something really bad happens, are you prepared?


Seeing the images of the east coast and the damage being caused by Hurricane Sandy is unreal to most of us. Widespread flooding, power outages, shortages of supplies and suspension of services are things that thousands of people are dealing with.

It got me to thinking: How well is my family prepared to deal with a catastrophe? A recent power line failure in my neighborhood told me the answer. Not too well. My family has most of the suggested supplies on hand, but we definitely lack organization.

Time to get organized! Where to start? Do I have to think about preparing like a Montana survivalist? Where does one get information?

There are several websites that have great information about this topic, but I found this site to be expansive in information, but easy to navigate.

And of course, in case of a disaster local radio is one of your best sources for news and information.