The Yakima Valley has a worldwide reputation for wine and beer and will soon add spirits to the menu in the form of local brandy, moonshine and more!  Not only are we meeting the recreational sipping needs of people everywhere, we are also helping to improve on the intelligence of men.  No really.  It’s all about the alcohol.

Psychologists at the University of Illinois have research that indicates that immediately after men drink alcohol, they appear to be smarter. That’s the somewhat astounding conclusion that will happily be reached for by drinking men everywhere!

In the study, researchers gave 40 healthy men a series of brain teaser problems to solve. An example problem: Thinking of the words "coin," "quick" and "spoon," what is a fourth word that links them together? The correct answer is "silver."

Half of the men drank two pints of beer before taking the tests, while the other half drank no alcohol. The results: The men who drank the beer solved 40 percent more problems than the sober men. In addition, they took, on average, just 12 seconds to solve each problem, compared to the 15.5 seconds needed by the sober men.  I’ll drink to that but how is that possible?

The takeaway: While alcohol does hinder analytical thinking, it allows creative thoughts that might otherwise be stifled to take root.

Remember, as we say at KIT, Always Think R

Scott Olson/Getty Images