Here on KIT we generally reserve our conversation to the high brow, (right!) the political, the family,  the Red-White-&-Blue kinda conversations but hey, we’re human too!  So when poll results are released about the opposite sex, well, we’ve been known to take a peek!  Apparently we like what we see --but those being seen aren’t so sure.  I’ll explain.

John Shearer/Getty Images for M+B Gallery

What do you think is sexiest about the opposite sex? A poll of eight thousand Men's Health and Women's Health readers responded and now we now men think the sexiest quality of a woman is her body. There’s a shocker.

However, only 12 percent of women agree that their body is desirable. In the poll, men chose a woman's body over her smile, eyes, personality, intelligence and sense of adventure. The fact that women don't think their bodies are desirable is troubling because a recently study found women with a poor body image report less satisfaction in life.  Experts say it is possible to shake an unhealthy body image by learning to reduce the amount of negative things you think or say about your body. (Women's Health)

It starts at an early age so send positive messages to your kids and help them develop a strong sense of self esteem regardless of their gender.  A healthy image is good for all of us!