A "Blue Friday" is a festive occasion for Seattle Seahawks fans, full of excitement and anticipation for the game coming up on Sunday. A "Blue Monday" is another matter.

I am a huge Seattle Seahawks fan. Not to the point of having a tailgate party in my family room on game day, but I do plan my Sundays around their games during the season. I wear logo apparel, have four throwback jerseys, and have followed the team in depth for decades.

Here at the radio station, there are several of us that celebrate "Blue Friday". We wear our Seahawks gear, and give each other high-fives in the hallway, and shout "Go Hawks," much to the dismay of co-workers who support other teams.

A "Blue Monday" is another matter.

That means the Seahawks lost.

Like yesterday.

No high-fives. No "Go Hawks" in the hallway. No jersey's.

It's a day of mourning and reflection. (In the 90s, it was a decade of mourning and reflection)

A day of analysis, and what-ifs.

But remember, "Blue Friday" is only four days away!

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