Statistics show Yakima Block Watch programs are working and cutting down on crime in neighborhoods who have seen their share of robberies even in broad daylight, KIMA-tv reports.

The concern of what else might happen in some neighborhoods is what prompted the programs to launch and as KIMA-tv states, there has been a 50 to 80% drop in burglaries that have a Block Watch Program in place.

KIMA-tv spoke with a block watch captain, Frank Vasquez, who said his neighbors have cut into burglaries, but have also helped cut out drugs and drive-by shootings on their streets.

 "We've got a lot of neighbors that are watching. You come in our neighborhood and you don't belong here, you're going to have the cops come down on you," said Vasquez.


Go to the website to find out more how you can be a force in cutting down crime in your neighborhood too.