A U.S. survey indicates 61 seems old or middle-aged to those age 45 and younger, while those older than 61 tend to see it young.  The new poll found that 63 percent of those surveyed said they thought 61 was middle-age, 15 percent said 61 was young, while 22 percent said it was old. The perspective of age depends on what side of 61 one is. Those of us in the vicinity of 61 are only too happy to hear we’re considered middle aged regardless of the reason. In fact, for some of us, that revelation may even be the inspiration to start living in such a healthy manner so as to make it a self fulfilling prophesy.  The day of the dinosaur postponed indefinitely!

Age is just a number, right?  That’s said more often and with more gusto the older you get.  When I was a kid we thought 40 was middle aged…but the times they are a changing.  Now there’s talk that middle age is …are you ready…61!  I like!   And while I wish it had more to do with an expanding healthy life expectancy…it really results from the growing number of folks reporting in from the far side of the calendar.


The survey indicated 67 percent of Americans age 45 and older said 61 was middle-aged, 20 percent said age 61 was young and only 13 percent called 61 old. However, 56 percent of adults age 45 and younger said 61 was middle-aged, 7 percent said 61 was young while nearly 37 percent said it was old. (UPI)  As for those younger than 45…what do they know anyway…they’re just kids! Party On!