Say it isn’t so! The guy who claims to have killed Bigfoot LIED!  “You can keep your health insurance” and “I have Bigfoot in the freezer” are now the two biggest lies in recent memory!  I didn’t even know you could have a hoax within a hoax!  It’s like a double Oreo cookie.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Remember Rick Dyer? The Las Vegas guy who said he killed Bigfoot after luring it with Walmart pork ribs? Well he admits he was lying -- again!

Dyer's moneymaking hoax fell apart when his own spokesman learned the sad truth that the supposed corpse was fake and decided to come clean -- at which point, Dyer took to Facebook to break the news himself:

"From this moment on, I will speak the truth!" he wrote on his since-deleted page. "No more lies, tall tales or wild goose chases to mess with the haters!"

Dyer went on tour earlier this year with the fake body and claims to have pulled in $60,000 from people paying $10 a pop. The corpse, however, was made by the Twisted Toy Box in Spokane. The store's Chris Russell said he was told it was for a movie and that he had to sign a nondisclosure contract agreeing not to talk about it.

Dyer pulled a similar stunt in 2008, when his proof of a kill turned out to be a rubber ape suit. Still, despite the pair of hoaxes, Dyer insists he actually killed a Bigfoot in 2012.

-- San Antonio Express-News