Well that explains it.  I'm not nearly as physically active as I once was but I still work hard--brain work not back work.  With back work I burned more calories and now a new study reveals that my brain work makes me just as hungry without the burn off!Bottom Line - the harder you think, the more you eat. Volunteers attended a lab three times: once to recline in a chair for 45 minutes, once to read and summarize documents, and once to complete a memory test. When offered an all you can eat buffet following each task, they ate an average of 860 calories, 1,063 calories, and 1,113 calories, respectively.

Using your brain may cause fluctuations in key appetite hormones, says study author Jean-Philippe Chaput, Ph.D. After a stressful day, hit the gym exercise helps stabilize hunger regulating hormones. (Women's Health)

Good advice...I'll think about it!