Police are investigating a series of complaints after some unusual solicitors visited a Yakima neighborhood this week.

Neighbors say the salesmen were asking a lot of questions about their children.

Earlier this week, residents of a downtown Yakima neighborhood told police they received strange solicitations from a man who said he was a foreign exchange student from Yugoslavia selling children's books. One resident says he was persistent and asked for her kid's names and ages.

Police say when situations like this happen, do not hesitate to call them. "Notify the police right away. Don't hesitate, don't wait and enumerate on it for a day or two and then call the police. When they're there, when you close the door. Call the police department," said Capt. Rod Light of the Yakima Police Department.

Police say if the salesman does not have a business license to show when you ask to see one, do not engage with them.

They also say if you see anyone suspicious in your neighborhood walking around, let neighbors know and call law enforcement.